Can you tell which of pelts is not an Ocelot?



Continuing on her journey of faithfully interpreting animal pelts into knitted textiles, the Ocelots were the first pelts Marshall created from research conducted at the AMNH, the American Museum of Natural History in New York City.  Astounded at the amount of specimens available and the variety in the colors and markings of these pretty felines Marshall decided to expand her research and create a series of works based on this species, (Leopardus pardalis). 

While Ocelots are a new world cat and not known to be endangered there, it is extremely rare but still surviving in isolated populations in the southern parts of Texas and Arizona, in the USA. 

Ocelot Series
Variable Dimensions
Hand Knit: Yarn, String, Sticks

"Ocelot Series" by Ruth Marshall, 2010-2011.

(C) Ocelot Series by Ruth Marshall, 2010-2011

"Ocelot Series" by Ruth Marshall, 2010-2011
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Museum of Art, University of Maine, Bangor.



Ms Marshall initiated her tiger journey by beginning with a tiger cub from the American Museum of Natural History in order to begin understanding the striped markings of what is the largest cat on earth, (Panthera Tigris).

"Tiger Cub" by Ruth Marshall, 2010.

Tiger Cub  
64" x 40"  (162cm x 101cm)
hand Knit: Yarn, String, Sticks



After long days working at the Bronx Zoo, Marshall would return home at night and knit as a hobby. Her overweight, opinionated pet tabby cat named Rocky, was a faithful companion during knitting time. Inspired by the beauty of the intricate natural design of Rocky's markings, Marshall decided to try to knit a replication of his pelt. After exhaustively photographing, sketching and measuring her reluctant cat, his furry coat was translated into a knit pattern. Incorporating 2D and 3D traditional knitting techniques, Marshall was able to interpret the coat of "Rocky" into the first of her now signature pelt textiles.

"Rocky" Ruth Marshall, 2005.

Detail, "Rocky", Ruth Marshall, 2005.

45" x 39" (114.3cm x 99cm)
Hand Knit: Yarn, t-pins

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